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Commonly Asked Questions

Does It Cost Anything To Post To TruckRvList.com?
No, Posting to TruckRvList.com Classifieds is Free unless you chose to post a premium listing.

Do I Need to Register To Post an Ad?
No, no need to register! Posting to TruckRvList.com is Super Simple and Super Easy! Just hit the “Post an Ad FREE!” button at the top right of the site and post without having to register.

I Can’t Upload My Images, Help!
1) Be sure your images are a jpg or jpeg format because other formats are not supported.
2) Be sure to Re-Size your images to under 150kb each for best performance and try uploading again.

How Do I Re-Size My Images? I Don’t Have a Program To Do That.
You can reduce the size of your images quick and easy with Free Online Image Tools.
Picresize.com is a Free online tool that can help you do just that.
1) Visit Picresize Website Here to re-size multiple images at once.
2) Just click “Ad Files” and select 1 to 4 images you want to re-size.
3) Then click “upload”,
4) Choose the size reduction of 50% or even 75% if your images are large.
5) And finally click “Batch Resize!”.
6) Once finished you should see an option to “Download Zip File of Your Resized Pics”. That’s it, Done! Be sure to reduce images to under 150kb each for best performance. Repeat the process if the images are still large. Other free online image re-sizer tools: Anymaking.com
TruckRvList.com is not associated with Picresize.com or Anymaking.com. Picresize.com and Anymaking.com are some of the popular free online resource tools for editing and re-sizing images. Please read their terms of use and privacy policy and use them at your own discretion.

How Do I Upload Images After I Posted an Ad? I Posted an Ad Without Images.
Ads with images get a much higher percentage of attention and are more likely to attract the buyers. Uploading additional images is super easy.
1) Just click on the “login” button at the top right corner of the TruckRvList.com website,
2) Fill in your email address, and your secret password that was sent to you by email when you posted the ad (hint: check your email inbox and your junk mail folder in case it was sent there by accident).
3) Once you log-in, simply click on the small pencil next to your ad to edit it,
4) Scroll down to the bottom and you will see where you can upload images, be sure to re-size your images to under 150kb each for best performance.
5) After uploading all the images just hit save changes.

How Do I Contact The Seller? Do I Need To Register?
No, you do not need to register to contact the seller. Simply look through that ad to see if the seller left a contact email or phone number. If not, simply fill out the “Contact Seller by Email” located to the right of the ad, fill in your name, email address, and a short message, fill in the correct answer for the arithmetic question and hit Send Inquiry. Be sure to double check your email address for accuracy because the seller will not be able to contact you if your email is wrong.

Avoid Online Scams When Buying or Selling Online! Scammers are posting ads in numerous classified websites including Craigslist, eBay Classifieds (Kijiji), TruckRvList, and other networks. How to spot these scams?
1) If It sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Scammers will often offer amazing deals on items for sale. Do not Fall for it.
2) Scammer wants you to pay them onlne using Amazon Quick Pay, PayPal, Wire, Money Order, Money Gram, or other payment services. The will send you fake emails that look like legitimate request for payment from Amazon, Paypal, etc… However, These legitimate looking emails will be fake. DO NOT send money for the item you have not seen with your own eyes. The item could be stolen, or even more likely, scammer does not even have it. You will never see your money nor the item you paid for.
3) The Seller claims he/she is in the military or has traveled out of the country and unable to personally deliver the Vehicle. They promise to arrange for transportation and delivery as soon as the payment is made. Do Not Send Payment, you will never see the seller, your money, nor the vehicle you paid for.

To Avoid Scams Follow These Tips:
1) Never send payment before seeing the vehicle in person
2) Always inspect the vehicle and documents like the VIN# in person before purchasing
3) Call the DMV to make sure the vehicle is not reported stolen
4) Conduct the transaction in person, – Never Pay Online via Amazon Quick Pay, PayPal, etc..
5) If you see a possible scam listing on TruckRvList.com, Please use the “Contact Us” button and report the URL of the classified Ad.
6) If you have been a victim of an Online Scam, Report it immediately to IC3, (https://www.ic3.gov). IC3 is a Internet Crime Complaint Center. A partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C).

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