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Tire Packing Machine

      Ad Listing Location:
      City: Sacramento
      State: California
Tire Packing Machine

For Sale Tire Packing Machine


Tire Packing Machine
Tire Stuffing Machine
Tire Triple Machine
Tire Tripling Machine
Tire Pack Machine

High Quality Tire Packing Machine For Sale. Forget the Tire Tripling Machine, Say hello to the Tire Quadrupling and Quintupling Machine. Easily Packs Up To 4 and even 5 Tires into 1. New, High Quality, High Durability, German Design. A MUST HAVE for any Serious Used Tire Recyclers or Used Tire Exporters.

This is a High Quality Professionally built for Stuffing Tires. It will help you pack up to 4 and even 5 tires into one. This Machine is designed and built in Germany. It will also help you

1) Save Time – Increase the speed of Packing tires, 10 to 20 + Times Faster
2) Save Money – by Reducing the Cost of Labor of Packing Tires
3) Save Money – by Reducing the Transportation Cost of Shipping tires
4) Maximize your Profits – By Packing and Delivering MORE Tires to the Buyer

This machine is a must have for any serious used tire dealer/ tire business / tire shop / tire recyclers.

It is built of highest quality materials, designed and built in Germany. Just hook it up to your air compressor and you are set to go. Easy to operate – Push button for each operation. Gives you Flexibility of how fast or slow you want to go.

Weight: aprox 250 kg
Mode of Operation: Air

Delivery, Setup, and Installation available in Most Countries World Wide.

Here are two videos of the tire packing machine in action.

The first video shows how fast and easy it packs 4 tires. (One external tire and 3 tires inside) Average packing time is approximately 3 to 5 minutes to pack 4 tires.
Access this video here on YouTube.com

Here is another video of the same machine. This time we pack 5 tires. (One external tire and 4 tires inside). There are a few tire packing machines on the market available today that are able to pack 3 tires (One external tire and 2 tires inside), however, they either cost about $35,000 to $40,000 USD or are built in China out of inferior materials. This machine costs much less than the competing machines and is manufactured in Germany form high quality materials.

The fact that this machine can easily pack 4 and can even pack 5 tires is another huge advantage over the other machines out there. This machine also gives you more control over each operation and each movement. So you can repeat the downward cylinder movement, for example, as you need. This gives you yet another advantage over the other machines that prevent you from controlling each movement separately. Average time to pack 5 tires is approximately 5 to 6 minutes. See the video of it in action packing 5 tires.

Use the form on the upper right hand to contact us and ask for a Price Sheet with CIF Shipping and Installation.

It makes Packing tires easy.

About the Machine:
This is a professional grade heavy duty machine, It is a must have for Tire Recyclers, Used Tire Shippers and Tire Exporters.

The Outdated Way of Packing Tires:
The old traditional way of packing tires by hand is very difficult and very costly. Each tire must be pressed and twisted by hand into a position so that it slides inside the first tire. Several large instruments are often used such as a large solid steel barker bar to force the tire to slide inside the other tire. After the second tire is pressed inside the first tire, a third tire may now go inside the second tire. The third tire is even more difficult than stuffing the second tire. And fourth tire, is virtually impossible to stuff by hands. This process is often referred to as “Tire Tripling” process. If a company hires employees to triple or pack tires by hand, it is very costly for the company. First, the employees work on the basis of hourly wages, or sometimes based on the quantity of tires packed. So the cost labor is then divided into each tire causing the cost of each tire to rise significantly. Additionally because tire tripling is so physically demanding, it is easy to get injured in the process. Therefore in addition to incurring additional cost on each and every tire packed, the company is also incurring liability.

The good news is that the this machine eliminates the extra cost of labor so that one person operating the machine can do the job of 3 or 4 people. One person will be able to pack 10 to 20 times faster and will be able to pack more tires (4 and 5 tires, – 4 tires packed inside 1 tire) than packing by hand which only allows 2 to 3 tires (2 inside 1 tire). While packing tires by hand, it is possible to triple tires but to pack 4 tires is very difficult and to pack 5 tires by hand is virtually impossible. However, this machine make it easy to pack 3, 4, and 5 tires. So for example, you will be able to take one tire and pack 4 additional tires inside of it. The result will be give you 1 exterior tire and 4 interior tires.

How The Tire Packing Machine Works:
The machine does all the work. The operator just needs to press a few buttons and watch the tires get packed one inside the other. The machine operates on air. Therefore, all that is needed to operate the machine is an air tank and an air compressor. It does not use complex electronics, or hydraulics.

Tire Machine Design:
The machine is designed and manufactured in Germany out of the most robust materials. It is designed specifically to handle heavy duty operations and high volume of tire packing. It easily handles heavy duty Load range C, Load Range D, And Load Range E tires. It can be operated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It is designed to be durable and to withstand high pressure. The air pressure can be adjusted up to handle large tires, and turned down to handle smaller tires. It can operate in a wide range of temperature swings from freezing to over 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Uses of Tire Packing Machine in Tire Recycling.
Tire recycling is becoming a more effective way to deal with waste tires. Tires are made up of mainly petroleum, fiber, and metal and decompose at extremely slow rates. The quantity of tires in circulation around the world is increasing leading to more and more waste tires each and every year. Landfills are becoming swamped with waste tires. One practical solution is to recycle tires into various products. Some companies found a way to grind down the rubber part of the tires into small rubber chinks which can be used in landscaping and can be added to asphalt. Tire particles added to asphalt are said to improve traction and diminish wear. Therefore adding shredded tire particles to asphalt can improve its performance and reduce waste at the same time. This type of asphalt can be used in roads, parking lots, and any other construction applications that call for the use of asphalt.

Another possible solution is to convert the tires back into oil products. The main ingredient in tires is petroleum in the form of rubber. Some tire recyclers are finding ways to turn tires back into oil products that can be used as diesel fuel or heating oil. Some countries are doing this on a large commercial scale. China is pioneering the way in this area. The population and economy of China is growing rapidly. This growth is resulting in more and more vehicles on the road which in turn leads to massive amounts of tires being disposed of every day. By converting the tires back into oil, China is not only reducing waste but is also increasing its internal production of oil thus reducing demand for imported oil. There is certainly room for USA, Canada, South America, and Europe to initiate and improve their internal tire recycling programs.

Waste tires are often collected at various locations and later transported to a central location for recycling. If tires are transported over long distances, the transportation cost must be divided and added to each tires. The longer the distance the higher the cost of each tire becomes. This machine can reduce the cost of transportation of each tire by consolidating and packing the tires one into another. This allows for more tires to be transported in the same amount of space like a truck for example. The more tires packed into the truck, the less the cost of transportation becomes per each tire.

Uses of Tire Packing Machine in Used Tire Export.
Many tire recyclers are actively exporting used tires to other countries and selling them at a profit. Used tire market is a huge business. Countries like Mexico, and Some parts of South America and Africa are buying up used tires. This is because the cost of oil is constantly rising and the cost of new tires, which are primarily made from oil, is rising right along with it. Most people in those countries cannot afford to buy a brand new set of tires and therefore resort to purchasing used tires. Even in a developed country like the United States, used tires are big business. Many tire shops will resell used tires. Some tires shops deal exclusively in used tires. Again, this is do to the fact that some people even in the developed countries cannot afford to purchase a brand new set of tires. The biggest challenge of exporting tires is the cost of transportation and the cost of shipping. The cost of transportation and shipping has been rising do to rising oil prices and other economic factors. Therefore in order to stay competitive a tire exporter must keep the cost of each tire as low as possible and the profit from each tire as high as possible. In order to do that, an exporter must maximize the shipping space. Tires are often shipped in a 20 or 40 foot shipping containers. This space is limited and can only be maximized if the tires are packed to the maximum and stacked in way that allows for more tires to fit. The more tires an exporter can fit into the container the lower the cost of each tire becomes, and the higher the profit generated from each tire. This machine is ideal for tire exporters looking to minimize cost and maximize profit. The machine can easily pack 3, 4, and 5 tires, one into another, thus enabling more tires to fit into a transporting truck or a shipping container, better utilizing the available space. If you think of it from a different perspective, if you are not utilizing every square inch of the shipping container, then you are paying money to transport air.

The Tire Packing Machine is manufactured and built in Germany from high quality parts and materials. This machine is durable and and able to handle heavy work load. It can handle both small and large tire sizes. The powerful cylinders are able to handle and pack even the toughest most inflexible tires.

Tire Tripling? Yes, Easily packs 3 Tires or “Tipples” them. But it is capable of doing much more.

Tire Quadrupling? Yes, 4 Tires (Stuffs 3 Tires into one tire so you have 4 Tires in one unit.)

Tire Quintupling? Yes,  up to 5 Tires. (Stuffs 4 Tires into one tire. 4 inside + 1 outside =5 Tires).

Cut your operating and shipping cost dramatically buy packing many more tires into a truck or container.

Frequently Asked Questions Often Asked by Our Customers:
Q: Can you ship this machine to another country?
A: Yes, we can ship by CIF method to almost any country in the world.

Q: How does the machine operate on air or hydraulic power?
A: The machine operates by air, just hook it up to an air tank and air compressor to it.

Q: Do I need any extra equipment to run this machine?
A: No, Just an air tank and an air compressor.

Q: Does the machine use electricity?
A: No, it does not use any other source of power, just air.

Q: Does the machine have complex electronic components that can break?
A: No, no complicated electronic components.

Q: Is the machine easy to work on?
A: Yes, it’s a very robust machine so you won’t need to work on it. But replacement parts are easy to get and replace should you ever need to.

Q: Is it possible for you to come and install the machine?
A: Yes, installation is available in USA and most parts of South America, Europe, and Asia.

Q: How log will it take for delivery?
A: The machine will be shipped from the manufacturing facility in Germany via CIF and depending on the destination and port of entry may take about 2 to 6 weeks.

Q: Can I use my own shipping broker?
A: Yes, you are welcome to use your own shipping broker.

Q: May I see the machine before purchase?
A: Yes, You are welcome to come in person to inspect the machine and speak to the manufacturer in Germany before purchase.

If you are interested in this machine, please request a price sheet. It will include the cost of the Tire Packing Machine, Shipping via CIF, Setup and Installation at your facility.

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    Ad Listing Location:
    City: Sacramento
    State: California

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